In the fast-paced realm of FX & CFD trading, AQX Trader stands out as a hub of innovation and user-focused design. This past year, we’ve not just kept up with the industry; we’ve aimed to redefine it. Our commitment to excellence has led to significant advancements, reshaping the trading experience for both brokers and traders. Here are the key developments that have positioned AQX Trader at the forefront of financial trading.

Early 2023 marked AQX Trader’s integration of MetaTrader 5 (MT5), building on our solid MT4 services. With MT4 and MT5 dominating 83.8% of the market by Q2 2022 [1], our move to include MT5 was driven by broker insights. MT5’s diverse asset management and advanced features like Stop Limit Orders and a broader range of timeframes have elevated AQX Trader for MT5 from an upgrade to a significant leap forward.

At Aquariux, we’re dedicated to enabling traders to master the markets confidently. Our Demo Account Creation feature replaces the old, cumbersome setup with a streamlined process. Just a few details grant access to our comprehensive trading environment, complete with real-time market data and a full suite of trading tools.

In trading, clarity is key. Our latest update introduces the option to display the ask price alongside the bid price. This dual perspective is vital for informed trading decisions. Combined with our intuitive ‘Track’ feature, it offers a transparent view of orders, enhancing trade understanding.

Efficiency in trading is crucial. Our ‘Link and Switch Account’ feature allows seamless management of multiple accounts, whether in live or demo environments. This functionality lets traders concentrate on their strategies without distraction.

Our desktop platform now features ‘Trade within Full Chart Mode’. This function caters to traders who prefer an uncluttered workspace, allowing for in-depth analysis and direct trade execution from the full chart view.

Recognizing the importance of time in trading, our ‘One-click Trading’ feature streamlines the order process. It’s designed for traders who value speed, transforming the traditional, slower steps into a swift, single click.

The new ‘Bulk Close’ feature allows traders to quickly close all positions or select based on profitability. This tool offers strategic flexibility, enabling rapid response to market fluctuations.