Imagine being trapped in a room, surrounded by cryptic puzzles and enigmatic clues, with only a limited amount of time to escape. The pressure is on, but you’re not alone. This was the beginning of our recent team bonding event, where we embarked on an adventure at an Escape Room. It was a journey that brought us closer, sparked our problem-solving skills, and unveiled the power of collaboration. 

The Aquariux Team

When it came to selecting the ideal venue for our team bonding event, Trapped SG emerged as the standout choice. Their exceptional customer service left a lasting impression on us (shoutout to Lei!). With the availability of 5 themed rooms, each presenting its own distinctive mysteries, Trapped SG impeccably aligned with our goals and budget. Additionally, its convenient proximity to our office added to its appeal as the ultimate venue (yes, it was one of the important considerations! 🤣 ).

5 teams gathered for a briefing

To heighten the stakes, a competitive twist was added. In addition to the ticking clock, where each minute equated to a point (e.g., 50 minutes = 50 points), each team was given 4 free clues to unravel the intricate puzzles and escape the room. However, every additional clue utilised came with a penalty of 6 points, which would be added to the final score. It was a delicate balance, weighing the need for guidance against the desire to achieve the lowest score possible. 

Team 1: 28 Days in Night 

Team 2: Carnival

Team 3: A Quiet Place

Team 4: Hide & Seek

Team 5: Jigsaw

The competition fuelled a spirit of friendly rivalry, where every team was determined to emerge as the victor. 

After the Escape Room challenge, it was finally time to unwind and bask in our accomplishments. With a sense of achievement still fresh in our minds, we gathered at a nearby bar, Backyard Prinsep, a cozy and vibrant venue known for its friendly atmosphere and lively ambiance. Laughter, camaraderie, and celebration set the mood. 

Our CEO, Kelvin Chia, provided further insights about AQ’s journey thus far. 

Our CXO, Rhea Liu, delved deeper into our vision for product development and marketing. 

Our CDO, Kelmond Leow, discussed improving tech-stacks & processes to enhance developer’s workflow. 

Our BD Lead, Shaun Loong, elaborated on our BD vision through collaborative partnerships. 

Our Project Manager (Blockchain), Leon Lee, highlighted blockchain’s role in enhancing traditional finance. 

Our Front-end Lead, Charles Yeo, took the opportunity to express his gratitude towards the entire team of developers. 

They shared updates on our progress, highlighted our achievements, and outlined the ambitious goals and visions that lie ahead. The speech inspired us to think bigger, collaborate more effectively, and push boundaries as we strive to achieve greatness together. To wrap up the evening, we awarded the winners of the Escape Room challenge. Interestingly, both the second and third-place teams achieved the same score, but Team Hide & Seek secured their position by utilizing fewer clues! 

Team 1: Champion
28 Days in Night | 45 points 

Team 4: So Close Yet So Far
Hide & Seek | 58 points & 2 clues 

Team 5: Honorable Mention
Jigsaw | 58 points & 4 clues 

On behalf of the planning committee, we want to express our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for your participation in the team bonding event!

We genuinely hope that you had an amazing time, just as we did while organizing this event. We look forward to the next one! 

Our Team Bonding Committee

Start from Left:

Yew Jun, Shu Yuen, Wan Ting, Jia Yan, Hui Qi, Chan Guan

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