What if there were a trading platform that integrates with both MT4 and MT5, providing you with flexibility and unlocking a world of possibilities? Well, your wait is over. Whether you prefer the familiarity of MT4 or the advanced capabilities of MT5, AQR Trader has got you covered.

In response to valuable feedback and requests from our broker community, we have expanded AQR Trader’s integration capabilities to include both MT4 and MT5. But what exactly is AQR Trader? 

AQR Trader is a white-label front-end trading platform specifically designed for FX & CFD retail brokers. Crafted with a deep understanding of retail traders’ needs, AQR Trader is built from the ground up to cater to their distinct requirements.

A sneak peek into AQR Trader

To ensure product quality and maintain high standards of excellence, our dedicated team of developers and tech professionals is based in Singapore. With streamlined communication and collaboration in one location, we optimise the development process for effective outcomes.

The Aquariux Team

With AQR Trader, you not only have the ability to configure the platform to align with your brand but also gain full control over your brand presence. By leveraging our platform, backed by technology and industry expertise, you can effectively attract a wider range of traders to your brokerage.

Take a closer look at the snapshot below, which highlights the core functionalities and benefits of AQR Trader. From built-in modules and charts to integrated expert advisor tools, our platform equips you and your traders with the necessary tools to thrive in the dynamic financial markets.

About AQR Trader

But that’s not all. AQR Trader goes beyond the conventional trading platform by offering integration with our in-house payment solution, AQR Pay. This feature enables brokers to collect digital assets, which can be used to fund their traders’ margin accounts. It provides a secure and streamlined way to enhance liquidity and optimise the trading process.

Looking ahead, our product roadmap for AQR Trader is designed to cater to and meet the changing requirements of our broker community, prioritizing their input as we enhance and expand our platform. As we introduce new features, we strike a delicate balance between expanding capabilities and maintaining a user-friendly interface through user-centric design decisions and continuous refinement, empowering users with an intuitive experience that preserves simplicity.

We highly value your feedback. AQR Trader, which now supports both MT4 and MT5, represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to provide a comprehensive trading platform for our esteemed brokers. As MT5 offers a wide range of advanced functionalities that can further enhance the services we provide to our brokers, we welcome your input to elevate our offerings. By actively seeking your perspective, we ensure our enhancements align with your requirements, fostering a collaborative partnership for mutual success.

For a more comprehensive demonstration and the opportunity to have our business development teams address all your inquiries, please contact us at business@aquariux.com

Stay tuned to this blog post for more updates as we move forward!